Gain More With the Right Currency

Do you feel the pangs of high prices? If lately you have been feeling less confident financially and that you cannot anymore afford your former luxuries you were used to before without thinking twice, the simplest explanation would be that the dollar or your money is not worth as much as it used to be worth. The dollar's last link to gold was way back in 1971. And from that time on until now, the dollar was reduced to one-quarter of its value - that is a loss of 75 per cent against the Swiss Franc.

As days pass, the dollar is falling back versus rising currencies such as the Spanish peseta and the Austrian shillings. And any time soon that rise could be hurting both our country and our pockets. Through all these years we already have lost an ample amount of money due to rise and fall of exchange rates. It would have been better when we knew of the changes in currency that we invested our money wisely.

A simple way to guard ourselves from the rise and fall in currencies is to be a citizen of the world: opening different savings accounts in chosen strong currencies. The factors that pull the dollar down are not yet exhausted and its pull will continue to stay. There will be a time of calm but do not let that fool you into complacency.

The dollar continues to slide down for all kinds of reasons, for just any reason and even for no reason at all. When the Japanese stock market rose, the dollar fell. When the same Japanese stock market plunged, the dollar plunged too. When Wall Street soars, the dollar swooped down. When Wall Street collapsed, the dollar broke down even further. Upon the recovery of Wall Street, the dollar continues to go down. When the America's trade deficit increased, the value of the dollar fell. When the economy sounded weak, the dollar fell. Such situations are puzzling even to currency experts - much more to us. Why does the dollar keep on falling?

Yes, America is a great country but as history will continue we may wake up in a day under the influence of a much greater world. Japan, Europe, they are all growing so fast that America's domination is slowly fading.

So once you take a more international paradigm, you also share in each good thing happing around the globe rather than being a victim of lightning- speed advances.

Investing in the right currency is a must to survive financially today and tomorrow.